A huge tree that fills one’s arms grows from a tiny seeding; A nine -storied tower rises from a heap of earth. LongjiMachinery has the history of over twenty years since its establishment in 1994. The time witnesses non-ordinarydevelopment trace of Longji Machinery. Since the sixteen years, persons of Longji Machinery insist on enterprisemission of “forming international famous brand and developing national industry” and working concept of “takingcharge of doing things and reaching designated position when doing things”, form a whole set of concept system,value view and operational mechanism, and realize keeping with the times, making active innovation and conductingquick development by mastering opportunity, thereby have taken the leading position in the industry. Personsof Longji Company rely on scientific and technical innovation and efficient management for a long period, and havecreated Longji brand image on the road of producing automobile parts successfully.

Nowadays persons of Longji Company don’t indulge in enjoying achievements, have the dream of “Long-historyLongji”, and are engaged in construction of the land. “Longji” brand brake disc, brake drum and brake pad are soldall over the world, and the company has the capacity of independent development, joint development and developmentaccording to samples and drawings.  


As a provincial high-tech enterprise, the company set up huge scienceresearch and product development team, and establised long-term cooperative relation with national key scientificresearch institutes, universities and colleges, thus has rich scientific research and development strength. Productquality is the basis of market competition, we thoroughly implement QS9000, VDA6.1 and ISO/TS16949:2009 qualitymanagement system standards in the direction of market internationalization, and make product quality and enterprisemanagement integrate with the international same industry standards.


“Fish enjoy a good swim in broad ocean, and bird soars in clean sky”. Although already obtained glorious achievements,vigorous persons of Longji Company change their views toward higher and farther place. Moreover, I believe:In the near future, the dream can be realized and new glories can be made by relying on Longji team that istempered and innovative mechanism and system that are formed for many years!



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